What can we do for you?


A comprehensive range of access equipment from Aluminium towers, podiums and work platforms to staging boards and trestle systems, along with more specialist equipment such as stair and lift shaft towers, and site access stairs.

Fencing and Barriers

Temporary fencing and barriers for all security, site safety and segregation requirements. We can put it up for you as well.

Site accommodation

Our portable site cabins, can be fitted out to your specification, and are available in sizes ranging from 8’ x 5’ for our smallest toilet, up to 32’ x 10 anti-vandal linking units for every purpose that you could need for your project. Well help you plan your site set up too if you wish!

Power and Lighting

Power management and generation equipment to suit every requirement, whether 3 phase site transformers, extension cables or diesel generators, along with a wide range of low energy internal and external lighting equipment.

Environmental controls

A vast range of heaters for hire, whether gas, diesel or electricity powered, dehumidifiers, air-conditioning units, or our advanced climate control units, to precisely maintain heat and humidity levels. We also provide fume extraction and dust control units to assist in safe working.

Cleaning equipment

Wet or dry vacuum cleaners and carpet cleaners, floor scrubbers and polishers, and hot or cold pressure washers, electricity or diesel powered. Whatever you require to help keep your project spick and span, and a safe working environment.

Power tools and site equipment

Selected for stock with consideration given primarily to health and safety and quality, we provide a massive range of power tools, accessories and site equipment, If you want it for your project we’re here to help, from hire of breakers, saws, vibrating plates, mixers, road plates, props, tool vaults, pumps, nail guns, fuels bowsers, rubbish chutes, and the list goes on. Everything you are likely to need and more.


Hire of both licensed and unlicensed 2 way radio systems, with single or 6 bank charging units, when needed, we can also help you with site specific licenses for the best possible reception.

Lifting and Material handling

A diverse collection of crane lifting attachments, chain slings and tackle, along with equipment for use when fork lifting, is all in stock and LOLER inspected every 6 months. We also provide hire of hoists, material lifts, and all different types of pallet trucks including petrol and electrically driven all terrain trucks, along with some more specialist load moving systems.

Safety equipment

Along with the perhaps more common safety equipment, such as fall arrest and prevention products such as harnesses, soft landing bags and edge protection, we also provide with optional installation, lift shaft safety doors, and hire and servicing of fire safety equipment, most notably “ready to go” site fire points.

Surveying Apparatus

From total stations to cable detection and measuring devices to environmental monitoring. Everything you need to ensure that everything is correctly set out on your project, large or small, and that environmental and safety concerns are addressed.

On site PAT testing

For any employer, the law states that your electrical appliances and equipment must be maintained and safe. Our on-site PAT testing service can help you do to this and our operatives are experienced at testing and inspecting heavy duty tools and equipment in a construction environment, so ideal to keep your projects safe and compliant.